Terms of Use

By joining Alliance Rossendale Limited (“Alliance”) as a member or by booking use of Alliance facilities, including meeting rooms, you indicate your acceptance of the following terms and conditions. Access to Alliance’s coworking space and the facilities within it is provided on a reasonable endeavours basis. Should access or any facilities be unavailable Alliance shall endeavour to provide reasonable notice, but this may not always be possible. Where feasible, and at Alliance’s sole discretion, Alliance shall make alternative arrangements. No relationship of landlord and tenant exists between Alliance and you. Alliance is not the owner of the premises that are made available for your use and you should follow any directions or instructions provided to you by the owner. You may invite and host guests within Alliance provided that you accompany them at all times. You are responsible for the conduct and behaviour of any guests, in line with the terms and conditions detailed here. A £12.50 daily charge will be made to guests making use of a desk during their visit. This may be settled by the guest or accompanying member. Membership fees are due monthly in advance and payable via the Alliance app or another payment method offered from time to time by Alliance. You may cancel your membership at any time up to the due date of the next payment. Membership ceases contemporaneously with a monthly payment not being made. Inclusive usage does not accrue or roll over beyond the month in which it became available. No refund or credit is provided for unused days or part months. Alliance may cancel your membership at any time without notice if you breach Alliance’s Terms and Conditions of Membership. Your Alliance membership is personal to you and cannot be shared or transferred. Keys and any other access devices or access codes provided to you may not be shared or given to others, may not be copied or adapted and must be returned upon cancellation of your membership. A fee of £20+VAT shall be charged for replacement keys, or if you fail to return keys at the end of your membership. Alliance accepts no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to property brought into Alliance, except where Alliance’s responsibility or liability is determined by English law. Alliance’s insurance policy does not cover or include loss, damage or theft of your personal items. Alliance accepts no responsibility or liability for injury or death of members or their guests, except where Alliance’s responsibility or liability is determined by English law. Bookable meeting rooms and spaces within Alliance may be used by members when not booked. Meeting room bookings are chargeable. For Alliance members: • Meeting room bookings are billed monthly in arrears. • There is no refund for cancellations within 24-hours of the meeting. • Meetings cancelled more than 24-hours but less than 7-days before the meeting are charged and credited towards future meetings. • Meetings cancelled more than 7-days before the meeting are not charged. For non-Alliance members: • Meeting room bookings are payable in advance; and • meeting room bookings are non-refundable. Provisional meeting room bookings are not accepted. For non-members, meeting room bookings are not confirmed until payment is received in full. Access to computer networks and the public internet is provided for the lawful use of members and guests and must not be used for any activity which, in Alliance’s sole opinion, is illegal, immoral, indecent or detrimental to the enjoyment of other members and/or guests. The use of applications that automate requests to any websites is not permitted. The hosting of services or applications designed to be accessed from outside of Alliance is not permitted without prior agreement. Internet access may be provided to guests via the guest wireless service only. No other security codes may be shared with non-members. We reserve the right to monitor your usage of Alliance at any time, including your use of computer networks and the internet. This may include the use of CCTV in and/or around Alliance. You are responsible for securing your own computer data and protecting yourself from the impact of computer viruses, malware and malicious software. You must also take reasonable steps to protect Alliance, other members and/or guests from the impact of computer viruses, malware and malicious software. As an Alliance member, we may send you email correspondence regarding your membership, facilities at Alliance and other announcements regarding Alliance events. We will never sell or share your email address with third parties. Facilities and equipment provided within Alliance are intended for use by members and/or guests whilst in Alliance and may not be removed for use outside of Alliance. Printers, fax machines and telephones may be provided to members and guests for incidental use. The printing or faxing of large documents or the making of long or expensive telephone calls may be subject to additional charges. In the event of a misunderstanding or dispute with regards to the meaning of these terms and conditions, you are bound by Alliance Rossendale Limited’s interpretation. English law applies with respect to these terms and conditions, as does the decision of the English courts in any dispute that may occur between you and Alliance. Alliance’s maximum liability to you is limited to membership fees already paid unless otherwise determined by English law. These Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time. Up to date Terms and Conditions shall be published on Alliance’s website at alliance-bacup.org.uk. You may direct any queries or questions regarding your Alliance membership or the facilities provided by email to info@alliance-bacup.co.uk.